Concerns, Clarity, and Clam


Catie is officially halfway through Third Grade, and here’s what I’ve learned so far:
Third Grade is the start of being a big kid. A real kid. Third Grade is when coloring is replaced with multiplication facts. Third Grade is when the drama starts. It’s when girls get clique-ish. Third Grade is when moms really begin to picture who their kid will be–for real, like for the next ten years.
Or lifetime.
And every mom has her unique concerns…
Is my son too competitive?  When is my daughter going to grow up? Why is my daughter growing up so fast? Why doesn’t she care about her grades? Why is she obsessed with her grades? Is it her fault she doesn’t finish her homework or mine? Is my son autistic? Does he seem too hard on himself? Does my daughter care too much about her appearance? Does she not care enough?
Spending 24/7 with Catie the last week, I’ve asked myself a lot of these questions…and also had fun with her laughing, cooking, shopping, playing, reading, and praying. One minute I feel M and I are doing everything right, and the next minute I’m worried we’ve got it all wrong.  I’m constantly asking God to provide clarity and calm.
Sound familiar?
Facebook and Twitter are filled with parents’ angst for their kids of all ages.
But this week, many of my friends’ Facebook pages are sharing a different kind of angst.
Friends of ours, from the SevenLakes family, are living a nightmare as their six-year-old son suffered a sudden brain bleed. These dear, faithful friends are stressing over concerns so much serious than if their son is reading on grade level. They’ve watched him fight for his life.
Please pray for Robert (here is the link to his CaringBridge site).
Please pray for Cassie and Richard, Robert’s parents. God hears their concerns. He has already provided clarity for them through His love and strength. The outpouring of love has meant so much to Cassie.
In her journal entry of Robert’s brain bleed, she says, “I will tell you I have never experienced in my such an outpouring of love, support, prayers, concern from not only family and friends but from people we don’t even know.  We ended up with about 25 ppl maybe more come to the hospital to sit with us while he was in surgery, support us, talk with us, make us laugh and most of all pray with us.  I had never cried so much and yes some of the tears were from my concern for Robert but I knew he was in God’s hands and there was nothing I could do… but from feeling that love!!!”
Lord, hear our prayers for our children. Provide the calm only You can give, deep in our souls, which You have created and You know so well. Amen.