Powered by the Holy Spirit

In my little community of friends, there are two types of moms: those whose husbands travel and those whose husbands do not travel. Praise the Lord I’m in the first group because here’s what I learned this week…

when M is out of town, I operate in serious overdrive.


Normally I’m done with life by about nine each night, but when M is out of town? I can’t slow down, I can’t sit down, and I toss and turn all night long.

Which is such a problem because I love sleep just about more than anything else in this world. Seriously. Sleep wins over the most interesting book, the best meal, and always over TV.

Except when my husband is not sleeping next to me.

Then I turn into this strange person who can’t even fall asleep after taking TWO melatonin. I turn into a person who would rather watch a Rockumentary about Pink than sleep.

In the midst of not sleeping and rechecking the doors six times to make sure they’re all locked and tiptoeing in to check the sleeping kids nine times to check they haven’t all run away from their crazy mom, this and this also happened this week.

So. All this to tell you last week was rough.

And all this to say, HATS OFF to you other moms out there whose husbands travel and you can still function like an entirely normal person. Instead of a woman who tells anyone who will listen about how she’s not sleeping because her husband is out of town.

Completely hypothetical, of course.

Really, I’ve told you all of this to get to the good part about M being out of town.

I found quiet time to rest with God.

Like I mentioned (for the past 300 words), being completely responsible for my little people weighed so heavily on me that I was desperate for rest.

So, I found myself praying constantly. I prayed for Sam and Aunt Katie and Nate and the girls. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to give me faith and energy and enthusiasm. I prayed for friends to help me transport my kids and I prayed for meals that would cook themselves.

I might have even prayed that my daughters would not grow up and name themselves after a color and sing songs like “Family Portrait.”

But let me tell you, last week was a close walk with God and I felt His presence every step of the way.

Because when Melatonin and Advil PM and a sound machine didn’t help me sleep, resting in God did. When I tossed and turned in bed and heard every sound and tried not to think about why our house was suddenly so noisy, God totally covered my heart with peace.

Praise the Lord.

Last week I learned I could be another type of mom: the type who finds total rest in God. The kind of mom who asks Him about everything. The kind of Mom who has time to listen to God.

The kind of mom who is powered by the Holy Spirit.


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